Wood Burning Stoves are a wonderful way to enjoy cozy Autumn & Winter heat at home.

They are highly efficient, packed with clever combustion technology, great for the environment by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. Wood is after all a renewable energy source. At a more basic level though a Wood Burning Stove satisfies the long held human fascination with fire!

The Wood Burning Stove has been at the heart of home heating for over a century.  They were initially used as a more efficient source of heat than the open fire, burning the fuel more slowly and generating longer lasting warmth, in essence a more efficient evolution of fire.

The early iterations were quite crude in design, they were metal boxes, with a door, often without glass, from which you loaded the fuel, connected to a chimney. The air required for burning was controlled through sliders to speed up or slow down the burning of the wood. In some of the colder countries the Stove was a huge leap forward and would have revolutionized these peoples lives.

The principal of the Humble Stove isn’t that far different today, there is of course way more technology behind the combustion. We now mostly live in centrally heated homes there isn’t always the necessity there used to be, although, we still have something programmed into DNA that brings comfort from a Wood Burning fire. Of course we still enjoy the additional heat from our Stoves, there’s nothing quite like walking in from the cold to feel the warmth of a real fire and relaxing in front of those flames, but, we more often than not install Wood Burning Stoves now principally for our pleasure, there’s really nothing quite like it!

Having had something of resurgence over the last 15 years, there is now a vast choice available for you to. We can supply and install for you Stoves in all fuel types:- Multi Fuel Stoves, Pellet Stoves, Gas Stoves & Electric Stoves. They mostly have large viewing windows through which you can really enjoy your fire.

In terms of design, we offer you wood burning Stoves from our carefully selected partners either in a more Classic Style, often found in a traditional brick or stone Inglenook with everything in between right through to the sleekest, contemporary designs not out of place as a piece of stand alone furniture in today’s modern living settings.

Whatever style and for what ever room you choose a stove for in your own home it will surely be one of your most enjoyed investments. I know ours is!!

We can offer you Expert advice on all aspects of having your own Wood burning Stove here at Tulipalo. We have extensive experience as well as our own in house installation team so right from your initial design styling advice through to a full turn key certified installation your wood burning stove needs will be met with the up most care and attention to detail.

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