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Tulipalo has the widest selection of Exceptional Contemporary Stoves in the North East. Our Newcastle showroom showcases many of these excellent freestanding woodburners in a variety of room settings, sizes and designs. Providing an outstanding focal point a Contemporary Wood Stove is the perfect option for today’s modern living spaces.

skantherm elements corner wood stove special 2

Contemporary &
Modern Stoves

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and no matter which eye your using we are sure you will find our range of cylindrical, modular, cubic and angular modern stove designs. We also have some of the most unusual, unique and uncommon designs available in the UK, from the down-burning Xeoos Twinfire to the design-it-yourself modular Skantherm Elements series, if your in the North East of England you will find your new wood burning stove today at Tulipalo.

Contemporary Stoves

Perfect for todays open plan living, our selection of Exceptional Contemporary Stoves can be placed virtually anywhere in the home. All of our contemporary woodburners feature either clean straight lines or elegant cylindrical curves. Many models are available in multiple colours, sizes or versions, so be sure to take a closer look to find the model that is right for your home. 

elements 2 thumb

Elements 2

skantherm elements 400 thumb

Elements 400

skantherm elements 603 thumb

Elements 603

skantherm elements rund thumb

Elements Rund


Skantherm Emotion
(2 Sizes)

stovax vogue midi thumb

Stovax Vogue
(6 Sizes)

chesneys shoreditch 4 logstore stove

Chesneys Shoreditch
(3 Sizes)

chesneys milan 4 stove 1

Chesneys Milan

stuv 6h 70

Stuv 6H
(3 Sizes)

stuv 16 78 cube wood stove

Stuv 16 Cube
(3 Sizes)

stuv 16h logstore

Stuv 16H
(3 Sizes)

stuv16 68x58 bench

Stuv 16 Bench
(3 Sizes)

Stuv 30
(2 Sizes)

Stuv 30 Wood Stove

Stuv 30 Compact
(2 Sizes)

rocal hebar wood stove

Rocal Hebar

rocal habit 50 cube e1603658790233

Rocal Habit 50v
(4 Versions)

rocal habit 70a lostore

Rocal Habit 70a
(4 Versions)

rocal habit 73 tc logstore

Rocal Habit 80
(12 Versions)

rocal habit 100 bench stove

Rocal Habit 100
(8 Versions)

Modern Stoves

We are often asked the difference between Contemporary and Modern Stoves. The truth is, one persons contemporary is another’s modern. We have split our selection based on “typical” designs and styles, thus are Modern Stoves tend to be the more unusual in style than the more typical designs above. Whichever you choose you are sure to make a statement with one of our exceptional fires.

rocal d10 wood stove

Rocal D10
(3 Versions)

rocal drop wood stove

Rocal Drop
(4 Versions)

rocal oval wood stove

Rocal Oval
(2 Versions)

rocal d8 wood stove

Rocal D8
(3 Versions)

rocal angle wood stove

Rocal Angle
(4 Versions)

rocal vertex wood stove

Rocal Vertex
(3 Versions)

Skantherm Shaker
(2 Sizes)

rocal city wood stove cutout

Rocal City
(2 Versions)

rocal d7 wood stove

Rocal D7
(3 Versions)

rocal ronde front wood stove

Rocal Ronde
(2 Versions)

skantherm ator plus thumb

Skantherm Ator
(2 Sizes)

skantherm beo thumb

Skantherm Beo
(2 Versions)

skantherm merano wood stove thumb

Skantherm Merano
(2 Versions)

skantherm merano xl thumb

Skantherm Merano XL
(2 Versions)

skantherm milano large thumb

Skantherm Milano
(2 Sizes)

ecogreen plus silver black

Xeoos Eco-Green
(2 Sizes)

basic x8 blk

Xeoos Nature
(2 Sizes)

pur x8 blk e1603049509692

Xeoos Pure
(2 Sizes)

classic x8 ming silver

Xeoos Classic
(2 Sizes)

aqua silver flip

Xeoos Aqua
(2 Versions)

hp exceptional xeoos stove

Xeoos Matten
(2 Versions)

Still Haven't Found What Your Looking For?

There are lots of different types of Contemporary and Modern Stoves, all of these are our freestanding stoves to go against a wall or into a corner. We also have a selection of Wall Mounted Stoves, Central, Suspended and Double Sided Stoves that might be more suitable for what your looking for. Take a look:

Wall Mounted Stoves

Central Stoves

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