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The story of RB73 is a story of passion for fire. But also of beautiful and timeless products. Handmade by craftsmen with love for the trade. Enjoy beautiful moments, be outside! Think of the balmy summer evenings, but also in the rest of the year there are often beautiful days on which an outdoor fireplace can be used. To give that wonderful extra warmth and atmosphere on your terrace.

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A Wood Stove
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Because the fireplace is lockable, you will not be bothered by smoke, flying ash or fire sparks on the terrace. The CorTen steel gives the fireplaces a solid appearance and a long service life. The rusting process is different for every fireplace and therefore each fireplace is unique.

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What is Corten Steel?

Characterised by its brown-orange rust colour and long service life.
Due to the addition of the other metals to the iron, corten steel develops a solid layer of rust, the oxide skin, which shields the deeper material from oxygen. In contrast to ordinary steel, the rust formation is therefore not wear but rather a protection of the steel. Depending on the weather, the solid rust layer that has to develop will take 2 to 6 months. After this, the corten steel no longer gives off rust (water).

Hand Built by Reny

All fireplaces are made by RENY.
RENY is a Dutch family business, located in Duizel in Brabant. The models are designed, developed and produced entirely in-house. A team of professionals with a passion for wood-burning stoves has the most modern systems and machines at its disposal. This way we can guarantee the quality, service and warranty that we want to deliver.

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Woodburner Tech

RB73 outdoor fires are unlike other open fires you may be used to. Each model features a glass opening door that limits the amount of air that can be burnt at one time.

To keep the glass clean a system known as airwash is used to put coll air down the glass preventing soot from building up on it and helping to keep it clean.

The Quaruba model features a deflector plate in the top to help slow down the combustion so you get more heat from your wood, while the Piquia and Bijua models have an ashpan for easy maintenance.

Flue Pipe Included

All RB73 fires and stoves include a length of smoke pipe with the fire. This pipe does two things, firstly it creates a draw so that the fire can work behind a glass window.

Secondly, the smoke that is drawn up the the pipe is above head height, meaning no more wood smoke when the wind changes direction.

Finally the pipe is finished with a rain cap that prevents water from entering inside the pipe and down into the fire. This can also be fitted with a bird mesh guard (sold separately) to prevent birds from entering the pipe if required.

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