Stuv P10

A Pellet Stove like no other, welcome to the future

Patented Technology For A Sculpted Flame

The Stuv P10 pellet stove comprises two distinct sections: at the top is a real fire, designed to show off the flames, while underneath there is a stock of wood pellets and the technical components. Thanks to natural convection and to radiation, the P10 pellet stove is particularly quiet in operation. The rising wood pellet feed allows the pellets to settle silently into the hearth with no tinkling or clattering usually associated with pellet stoves. The Stuv P10 has a patented technology that sculpts and shapes the burning flame providing an adjustable heat from 2-8kW.

Stuv P-10 Pellet

Stuv P-10 Pellet Stove

Key Features

2-8kW Heat

Great for small-medium sized rooms

>90% Efficiency

Extremely efficient pellet stoves

Lowest Emissions

ECO2022 Ready & DEFRA Approved

Stuv P10 Pellet Stove

The future of home heating has arrived…

With its elegant design and advanced heat technology, the P10 pellet stove from Stuv integrates into the heart of your living space, making the most of an efficient, pleasant and controlled heat. Relax in front of the dancing flames, thanks to the patented technology which brings calm and fullness to the flame from wood pellets.

The Stuv P-10 is a wood pellet stove that is one of a kind, combining looks, function and authenticity. Make the most of the diffusion of this natural heat, silent operation and controlled burn for a pellet stove like no-other.

Silent Efficiency

With its high level of efficiency and incredibly low fine particle emissions, the Stûv P-10 performs better than the requirements stipulated by the Ecodesign standard for 2022.

The Stûv P-10 pellet stove issues almost 1000 fewer fine particles than an open fire. The fine particle and CO emissions from the Stûv P-10 are so low that official tests carried out by specialist independent laboratories barely detect them. With 90% efficiency!

+ Wood pellets are lifted, no annoying clattering
+ Natural convection – no noise from the blower
+ 35 to 40 dBA (equivalent to the sound environment of a library

Pivoting Head

Comprised of two distinct sections, the top part of the stove pivots to direct radiant heat and offer the best view of the fire through the large window.

The bottom part contains a 16KG pellet hopper for the wood pellets and all the technical components. The base is available in several versions allowing you to pick the P-10 that is right for you:

  • Curved base in Stûv grey or Stûv black steel,
  • Rectangular base with a choice of dark or bleached oak,
  • Customisable rectangular base that can be clad with a finishing material of your choice.

The Stûv P-10 won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for Product Design in 2016, thanks to its technological innovation, clean design, environmental features and functions.

The jury made up of 41 international experts assessed products over 9 criteria’s, including innovation, functionality, durability and ecology. The P10 was declared the winner from a field of over 5,200 products by manufacturers and designers based in 57 different countries. 

How It Works

  1. The air needed for combustion is drawn from the outside of the building envelope (under the stove or at the back of the appliance) or from inside the building.
  2. The air intake, the combustion chamber and venting of smoke form an airtight system which does not hinder the insulation and ventilation of the building.
  3. The smoke passes through a heat exchanger, is sucked through a fan and then vented through the flue.
  4. The air is drawn into the living area to be reheated.
  5. Air circulates in the convection chamber and harnesses the heat from the smoke.
  6. The heated air emerges naturally from the appliance and spreads through the room.
  7. The heat from combustion heats by radiating through the glass.

Ash Pan

The Stûv P-10 in has a built-in ash container to help facilitate the easy removal of ash. The manual cleaning system means you can clean the burner and have the ash fall into the ash pan. The P10 burns so cleanly that the ash pan need only be emptied once every 150 hours of burning.

Pellet Hopper

The loading door on the Stuv P-10 lets you load the pellets at hip height removing the need to bend down, or reach over the appliance. The 16KG hopper capacity gives you 10 hours of maximum heating. This can be extended to 30 hours at minimum power. 

Remote Controls

The Stuv P10 includes a remote control with thermostatic regulation giving you the ability to adjust both the power and temperature at the touch of a button.  There is also a smartphone/tablet app available as standard allowing you to control your P10 pellet stove while at home or remotely.

Stuv P-10 Pellet Stove

  • Ideal for small and medium sized rooms
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Rotating Head to direct the heat
  • Upto 30 hours burning on a single load

Stuv P10 Pellet Stove Price:

Additional information

Weight175 kg
Dimensions56.5 × 48 × 140 cm



Bleached Oak Base, Dark Oak Base, Steel Body


Black, Grey


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