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The gas fireplaces and fires available at Tulipalo represent some of the finest fires available in the world. We have carefully curated a unique collection of products that blends technology, design and innovation to offer you a product like no other.

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Bespoke Media Walls
With Built-in Gas Fires

Fireplaces are unique to every home, and often you have had to choose between the fire and the TV as to what is the focal point of a room. Well at Tulipalo we think that needn’t be the case and with our selection of media walls with fireplaces built-in to them you no longer have to choose. All of our media walls are bespoke designed for you and can incorporate your TV, fire, lighting, cabinetry and sound. In fact Tulipalo are suppliers of Bang & Olufsen sound bars and speakers, so we can supply you with everything you need to bring your media wall creation to life.

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Gas Fires &
Gas Fireplaces

Gas Fireplaces

The heart of your home, the fireplace is much more than a source of heat it is a statement in your room that everyone will see. There are two types of gas fireplace, traditional and modern, we cater to both styles so if you are looking for a period stone fireplace mantel complete with high efficiency gas fire or a modern, contemporary fireplace with a large glass video, sound system and integrated TV, Tulipalo have you covered.

Gas Fires

By contrast fires tend to be more understated than fireplaces. These are also available in two styles minimalist with a frameless/flush look OR framed with a surround or metal frame that emphasis the fire inside. Gas fires need not be front facing only. Combine side glass for a more modern fireplace setting. Or perhaps a see-through glass option when a fire is placed between two rooms. There are options available for locations.

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Traditional Gas Fireplaces

gas fireplaces modern fireplaces

Modern Gas Fireplaces

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Minimalist Gas Fires

studio 2 expression steel glass fronted in graphite

Framed Gas Fires

Inspiration Gallery

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is often the best place to start. Take a browse through some of our previous installations and products for some design inspiration. Make a note of the images and reference them when you speak to us, that will help us understand what it is you’re looking for so we can make some suggestions.

Gas Fires have radically evolved in recent years, and now represents an exceptionally efficient, convenient and clean way to create an inviting ambiance with their beautiful real flames.  The modern glass fronted gas fire can be located almost anywhere in your home so offers true versatility when it comes to designing your space.

In the UK we have been using gas at home for heating for years and years. We still do. It was once commonplace for a gas central heating boiler to be in the chimney with an outset radiant Gas Fire on the front of the breast, in its day it was the bee’s knees! 

We’ve come a long way since those days, with the Modern Gas Fire offering a luxury solution especially for those of us with a busy lifestyle, the principle benefit is the fire is ‘on demand’ and more often than not by remote control adding to the convenience. 

All modern fires come with a choice of fuel effect. Select from realistic logs or driftwood where the gas flames lap around the logs engulfing them in flames for a realistic flame effect. Alternatively choose a more modern fuel option with pebbles or stones to give your fire that futuristic look, with the flames appearing through the stones like magic.

You can also have a Contemporary Gas Fire in combination with a fireplace; lots of our rooms still lend themselves to having a beautiful Fireplace too. We have access to a wide range of these types of large format glass fronted Gas Fires from our carefully selected partners to combine Modern Convenience and efficiency with styling that works beautifully in harmony with a Fireplace.

You can install a Gas Fire practically anywhere; they are no longer just found in the main living room and installed exclusively into existing chimneys, although we have a vast array of gas fireplaces for a chimney too! A modern glass fronted gas fire can be located almost anywhere in your home so offers true versatility when it comes to designing your space. We can install fires into any room in your home.

We offer you a complete design service at Tulipalo, both from a technical perspective, but also in delivering your vision. We are experts in combining Balanced Flue Gas Fires with Television’s and Furniture to create a feature in your home that is unique to you and sure to be a talking point with all that visit!

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