Wall Mounted Stoves

The ultimate statement wood burning stove

Space Saving
Wall Stoves

Wall Mounted Stoves offer a fusion of form and function. By lifting these fires off of the floor and onto the wall, you can create a truly unique fire feature for your home. Tulipalo has a wide selection of wood burning and gas wall fires to suit your home, whatever style you are looking for. Choose from the modern cubic Rocal Habit or Stuv 16-Series, or perhaps something a little more curvaceous in the Drop, Oval and D7. 

stuv 16 78 up wood stove e1603658700232

Statement Stoves
For Your Home

Make a statement with fire. Choose from one of our wood burning or gas wall mounted stoves below and elevate fire to a whole new level. Featuring the iconic Spanish design from Rocal of Barcelona, and the incredibly robust Belgian Stuv UP range, Tulipalo is the home of wall mounted stoves in the North East.

Wall Mounted Stoves

Elevating fire to a whole new level, our range of exceptional wall mounted woodburners are available in a wide choice of sizes, shapes and styles, perfect for mounting off the floor on the wall for a true statement stove. Take a look:

rocal d10 floating wood stove e1603658259351

Rocal D10

rocal drop floating wood stove e1603658550721

Rocal Drop
(2 Sizes)

rocal oval floating wood stove e1603658580151

Rocal Oval

rocal d8 floating wood stove e1603658409306

Rocal D8

rocal vertex floating wood stove e1603658614590

Rocal Vertex

rocal angle floating wood stove e1603658515318

Rocal Angle
(2 Versions)

stuv 16 68 up floating wood stove e1603659281371

Stuv 16 Up
(3 Sizes)

stuv 30 up floating wood stove e1603658882550

Stuv 30 Up

rocal ronde floating wood stove e1603658652529

Rocal Ronde

rocal city floating wood stove cutout e1603658482195

Rocal City

rocal d7 floating wood stove e1603658450249

Rocal D7

rocal habit 50v floating wood stove e1603658843932

Rocal Habit 50v

rocal habit 70a floating wood stove e1603658939609

Rocal Habit 70a

rocal habit 80 floating wood stove e1603658979519

Rocal Habit 80
(4 Versions)

rocal habit 93tc floating wood stove e1603659134101

Rocal Habit 100
(2 Versions)

Still Haven't Found What Your Looking For?

Exceptional Fires come in many forms, if you can't see what you looking for above, try our range of Suspended Stoves, or perhaps a double sided or central stove is more what you are looking for. Take a look:

Central Stoves

Inset Stoves

Modern Stoves

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