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The bio-ethanol fireplaces available at Tulipalo represent some of the finest fires available in the world. We have carefully curated a unique collection of products that blends technology, design and innovation to offer you a product like no other.

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Bespoke Media Walls
With bio-ethanol Fires

Fireplaces are unique to every home, and often you have had to choose between the fire and the TV as to what is the focal point of a room. Well at Tulipalo we think that needn’t be the case and with our selection of media walls with fireplaces built-in to them you no longer have to choose. All of our media walls are bespoke designed for you and can incorporate your TV, fire, lighting, cabinetry and sound. In fact Tulipalo are suppliers of Bang & Olufsen sound bars and speakers, so we can supply you with everything you need to bring your media wall creation to life. 

Bio-Ethanol fires &
Bio-ETHANOL Fireplaces

Bio-Ethanol Fires

Bio-ethanol fires don’t require a flue as they give off zero fumes, meaning they can be installed anywhere. They are a great option for homes without gas and commercial properties which may struggle in finding a way to flue out. Not only do these fires give off zero fumes but there is also no smell, smoke or ash. A common question we get asked is, do bio-ethanol fires give off heat? Yes! Much like a gas fire bio-ethanol fires can be a great source of heat, with the output varying depending on the size of the fire.

We have a wide range of linear fireplaces available at Tulipalo in various sizes, accommodating every budget. 

We also offer a range of traditional and contemporary bio-ethanol stoves.

Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces

The design possibilities are endless around your bio-ethanol fire. Keep it simple or make a statement, we can help you achieve whichever you desire.

Whether you are looking for a traditional basket to fit into a chamber, a bio-ethanol fire within a contemporary media wall or a unique focal point which will make an impressive impact, we have a bio-ethanol fireplace to suit every style.

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Inspiration Gallery

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is often the best place to start. Take a browse through some of our previous installations for some design inspiration. Make a note of the images and reference them when you speak to us, that will help us understand what it is you’re looking for so we can make some suggestions.

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