RB73 Piquia Outdoor Fire

Terrace heater

The PIQUIA model is an compact Cor-Ten steel wood stove with an industrial appearance for outdoor use. This terra stove has galvanized steel door closure and stainless steel lock bolts around, both above and below the door. These fit well with the warm rustic plate material. With a terrace heater you create a cozy place by the warmth of the atmospheric fire. This way you can enjoy late evenings as it gets colder and live life outside in the Spring and Autumn.

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The Reny Piquia is made up of strong Cor-Ten sheet steel. The Piquia has a glass door. This results in a closed combustion, which causes the combustion temperature to be increased many times in comparison with an open fire. A higher combustion temperature provides more efficiency and a cleaner combustion. When properly used with the correct fuel, the window remains clean and the neighbors do not experience any obstacles.

The result is a solid and functional construction, presented in a sublime finish. Simplicity, solidity and spoken design are the basis of the pure enjoyment of a comfortable, atmospheric wood fire.

The Reny Garden is of Cor-Ten steel, its features are:

  • weatherproof
  • very long service life
  • does not rust

The garden area also has ceramic glass in the door, the advantage for you is:

  • no sparks
  • no smell
  • higher yield
  • no smoke

In addition, the Reny Piquia also has a SGI system or a clean glass injection system, which keeps your garden’s window clean for a better enjoyment of your flame image.

Reny has a solid door closure for the perfect ease of use, and has a two-year warranty according to the factory conditions.

This Reny brand model garden has  4 legs as shown in the picture.

The model is standard equipped with a meter of smoke duct. Simple and stable fastening in a snap.

Additional information

Weight46.5 kg
Dimensions34 × 40 × 201 cm

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