RB73 Bijuga Outdoor Fire

Garden heater

Complete with 2 wheels and a handle for easy placement this robust garden heater is perfect for a somewhat wilder garden. Because of it’s rusty appearance, it blends in perfectly. Also, the Reny Bijuga garden chimneys possess the SGI system, which keeps the window clean for a long time, so you can enjoy the fire for long periods of time.

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The Bijuga is an asset for every garden. The robust Cor-Ten steel combined with Merbau wooden details stands for quality and luxury. Being environmentally friendly, efficient and atmospheric make this garden stove unique. The closed combustion system provides lower emission values ​​and higher efficiency. This means the true heat of a wood fire without your environment being affected. Once the hob burns, it’s time to relax.

The very robust construction of the garden heater is made of Cor-Ten steel. The Cor-Ten steel creates a unique, warm and continuous changing effect on the garden heater. In a varied dry and wet environment, the so-called ‘Patina layer’ forms a dense surface layer with a remarkably beautiful rusty appearance. As a result, Cor-Ten steel can be used without further corrosion protection.

Reny was the first manufacturer to introduce the Clean Glass Injection System (SGI system). The garden heater is designed to create an airflow flat along the window. This creates an optimal combustion, which does not bother the window but remains exceptionally clean and you can continue to enjoy the atmospheric flame.

A truly Dutch product provided by a team of professionals with passion for the craft. This garden heater is produced entirely in their own factory in Duizel. This guarantees a 100% quality product. Reny therefore gives a two-year warranty on this garden heater.


  • Construction: Core Steel – Merbau
  • Number of Legs: 4
  • Color: Rusty
  • Smoke Gas Outlet: Oven Connection
  • Weight: 92 Kg

Additional information

Weight103 kg
Dimensions89 × 69 × 208 cm

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