Stuv 30 Compact

The Compact 3-in-1 wood burning stove for low-energy homes

Compact Size, Not Performance

The Stuv 30 Compact is ideal for low-energy or small/medium sized homes. Ensuring highly efficient combustion, the 30 Compact combines form and function to provide maximum performance and pleasure using it. You will find that the glass stays clean for longer and the output can easily be adjusted anywhere between 3 and 9 kW. Available as a Low, H (High Top) or In (Inset) version, there are also facades and panels that can be customised to suit your requirements.

Stuv 30 Compact

Stuv 30 Compact Stove

Key Features

6kW Heat

Great for small-medium sized rooms

>80% Efficiency

Highly efficient wood stove

Low Emissions

ECO2022 Ready & DEFRA Approved

3-in-1 Wood Stove

What makes the Stuv 30 Compact so unique is its 3-in-1 burning chamber. All you have to do is open the door and turn the drum until the door you want is in front of the stove opening. There are three options to choose from:

1) The glass door gives a magnificent view of the flames, guaranteeing safety, eco-friendliness and savings, thanks to its excellent output.

2) The solid door slows down the fire and optimises performance. The small cut-out allows you to keep an eye on the fire, and lets out just a hint of light into the room.

3) The open fire mode means that you can make the most of the crackling flames, the smell of the wood… There is even a barbecue option using the available bbq kit accessory.

High Top Accumulation

Also available in the Stûv 30-compact range is the H or High Top version. This model can be fitted with a storage core which stores a part of the heat. Once the stove goes out, the accumulated energy continues to be released over several hours, thus prolonging the warmth provided by this stove and feeling of well-being.

There are three simple steps to using heat accumulation on the Compact H, firstly light the stove. Most of the heat is used to heat up the room while some is stored.

Next turn the burning chamber to closed-door mode. This will prevent the release of heat through the glass, instead channelling the energy up into the accumulator.

Once the fire has died down, the heat is slowly released back into the room. The gradual restitution of the accumulated heat will now continue to takes place after even after the fire has died out.

Ready-to-Fit Fireplaces

Quick and easy to install, the Stuv 30 Compact High can be combined with freestanding panels or logstores either side, transforming this from a stove into a ready-to-fit fireplace.

Available in 20 different colours and finishes, including corten steel for an industrial rust effect surface, allowing you to match your fireplace perfectly to your home.

Select either the 28cm or 58cm panels and if you want them on the left or the right hand side. Ready-to-fit panels are available to suit the freestanding high top Compact 30, or the inset model.

Inset For Maximum Space

If your tight for space then opt for the Stuv 30 Compact In (Inset) version to maximise your floor space. This version of the Compact 30 allows you to semi-recess the stove into a chimney so only the door and top section is visible from the room. You still have the same 3-in-1 rotating burning chamber as you do with the freestanding models.

An extension piece is also available allowing you to extend the lines of the fire from the floor to the ceiling for an enhanced aesthetic.

The Inset Compact 30 is compatible with the ready-to-fit fireplace panels allowing to further enhance the look, and an optional fan ventilation kit is available to push the heat of the fire further into your room.

Ash Container

The Stûv 30-compact in has a built-in ash container. Contrary to traditional wisdom, frequent ash removal is not necessary. You should leave a bed of ash in the combustion chamber to insulate the chamber and base plate from the heat of combustion.


The Stûv 30-compact can be fitted with a barbecue kit when used in the open fire door mode. The food cooks by radiated heat, without coming into contact with the flames. Juices are collected in the stainless steel tray and any cooking smells are taken away internally by the flue.

External Air

It is also possible to connect this stove externally so that all of the combustion air required is drawn from outside the room. The connection can be made either under or behind the stove and negates the need for additional room ventilation in many cases.

Stuv 30 Compact Wood Stove

  • Ideal for small and medium sized rooms
  • Connection for external combustion air
  • Unique 3-in-1 burning choice
  • Multiple versions available to suit

Stuv 30 Compact Stove Price:

Additional information

Weight114 kg
Dimensions44.7 × 46.5 × 104 cm




Direct Air


Energy Rating


Flue Size

150mm (6")




Low, High, Semi-Inset, Ready-To-Fit


Flat Top, High Top




DEFRA Exempt




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