Kalfire E-One Electric Fire

"Probably the best Electric Fire in the world"

Kalfire E-ONE electric Fire - Seeing is Believing

We have seen many innovations over the years when it comes to fire and flame technology, but the E-One electric fire from Kalfire is likely the biggest and most impressive leap forward to date. This genre defining electric fire has ultra-realistic flames, zero emissions and without the consumption of fossil fuels. A fire you can place anywhere with endless possibilities. I dare say it is probably the best and most beautiful electric fireplace in the world today.

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Kalfire E-One
Various Sizes Available

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Kalfire E-ONE Electric Fire

Key Features
Atmos Heating

Warmth and Wonder

Atmos Lighting

Realistic HD flames, and shadows

Atmos Sound

A True Sensory Experience

~ E-ONE ~
Designed For Everyone

Kalfire’s electric fireplaces are equipped with unique, innovative techniques that make the v-flames in the fireplace look, feel and sound ultra-realistic. The advanced techniques stimulate your senses and provide an ultra-realistic fire experience. The E-one is the most realistic electric fire available. You see, hear and feel the fire, which creates an optimal atmosphere.

~ Design Your Own ~

The Kalfire E-one can be equipped with various options. Create your own unique design fire with the following options and techniques:

Single HD flame technology or Dual HD flame technology: The Kalfire E-one can be equipped with either Single HD flame technology or Dual HD flame technology. You can choose between a double or single flame projection.

Atmos Heating: The specially developed Atmos Heating element provides a pleasant atmospheric warmth, contributing to the ultra-realistic fire experience. Available as an option for the Kalfire E-one 100F.

Flame Tones: Create your own flame image by choosing between three flame tones created by Kalfire and adjust the flame intensity as desired.

Adjustable Flame Height: The flame height is adjustable from positions 1 to 5. The 6th position is the Flame Shuffle mode. In Flame Shuffle mode, dynamic flames are created at the touch of a button.

Atmos Lighting: Atmos Lighting projects true shadow effects on the wood-effect ceramic logs, enhancing the ultra-realistic fire experience. The intensity is adjustable from positions 1 to 5. The 6th position is the Atmos Lighting Shuffle mode. The Atmos Lighting Shuffle mode creates a dynamic flicker effect within the interior.

Hybrid LED E: The Hybrid LED E ember bed simulates a real glowing bed of a fire. The intensity is adjustable from positions 1 to 5. The 6th position is the Hybrid LED E Shuffle mode which creates a dynamic glowing effect at the bottom of the logs.

Kalfire Sound: Choose between the full-bodied crackling sound of pine wood or the calmer and relaxing sound of beech wood. The sound of burning wood in combination with lifelike sparks enable a true sensory experience. The volume of Kalfire Sound can be adjusted between positions 0 and 5.

Anti-Reflect Function: In the Anti-Reflect stand-by function, the interior of the fireplace is attractively illuminated. Even without the fire alight, you can still have a beautiful view of the logs and interior.

~ Safe and Easy to Use ~

The Kalfire E-one electric fireplace is a safe choice. There is no need for a gas connection or a flue system for the fumes. Furthermore, the Kalfire E-one does not emit direct heat and is therefore safe for humans and animals, even for the littlest ones. Everyone can experience a connection through the fire, and gather freely around the fireplace.

The Kalfire E-one is E-Ready. Simply plug the fireplace into the socket and set the fire alight with one simple press of a button. The Kalfire E-one is operated with the Kalfire E-one remote; a handy and ergonomic remote through which a completely personal fire experience can be created: from crackling sounds, adjustable flames, intensity of the glowing ember bed to the lighting in the interior of the Kalfire E-one. The perfect fire experience is at your fingertips.

~ 100F Vs 100 FR ~
Built-In or Built Out

The Kalfire E-one 100F is the built-in model from the Kalfire E-one series. Thanks to the clean lines and compact dimensions, this model is ideally suited for installation into bespoke furniture such as a cabinet wall in a living room, restaurant or hotel. 

The generous glass surface of 100cm x 37cm ensures an optimal view of the fire and the realistic ceramic wood-effect logs. With the adjustable atmospherically lit interior of the Kalfire E-one, the fireplace becomes an eye-catching focal point in every interior, even when the fireplace is switched off. The build-in model has the additional option of being equipped with the Atmos Heating element.

The freestanding model, the Kalfire E-one 100F FR has an all-round clean and sleek steel casing on the outside and therefore fits effortlessly into any type of interior, from modern to classical, and from rural to urban. The Kalfire

E-one 100F FR is easy to install and move, which makes it possible to continue to enjoy the fireplace even after re-decorating, renovating or even moving to a new place. Just as the build-in model, there are two choices for the interior of the Kalfire E-one 100F FR , the flat or design bottom, and the option of Single or Dual HD Flame Technology.


You can now enjoy a sustainable and environmentally friendly fire. The Kalfire E-one is fully electric, does not use any fossil fuels and emits zero emissions. In addition, the Kalfire E-one has a low energy consumption. This sustainable trend continues right through to the smallest details such as the sustainable packaging and efficient design and assembly process.

With the Kalfire E-one you are not simply choosing an efficient fireplace, but above all, a sustainable, durable and environmentally friendly fire.


The Kalfire E-one stands for freedom. It literally “stands” free, without the need for any flue or gas connections, and without any environmental or building constraints. A world of possibilities emerges as the Kalfire E-one can be installed in every type of interior. A seamless integration of the surround and fire lends to the minimalistic design of the Kalfire E-one. A wide range of materials can be used to create any desired design. The choice of materials, and design possibilities to work with are endless. Even the fire experience can be personalised by choosing between the Single or Dual HD Flame Technology (single or double flame projection) and a flat or design bottom plate, with its modern elegant lining.

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