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With so many people spending more time and money on transforming their gardens to become an extension of the home, the only thing holding them back from enjoying their new space is the unreliability of the British weather. Not anymore…

Meet The
Chesneys HEAT

The Chesneys Heat Collection is a great way to get outside more often, come rain or shine. Incorporating the same fire technology from their indoor wood burning stoves, the Chesneys Heat range consists of five unique outdoor heaters and/or barbecues that produce hardly any smoke. All Heat outdoor fires require minimal fuel and are a safe and effective way to live and entertain outdoors.

Chesneys HEAT Garden Party
Chesneys HEAT Garden Party BBQ

Clean Burn

Heat & Grill

Terrace Gourmet

Garden Gourmet

Garden Party


The Heat is delivered from a sealed chamber, meaning that the burn rate and heat output can be regulated by a simple control system. All products in the Chesneys HEAT Collection are fitted with an air flow lever allowing ease of temperature control as well as reducing the need for more fuel at a time, than necessary.


The Chesneys Heat Collection of Heater Barbecues employs the same technology used in our range of indoor wood burning stoves and therefore only produce a clean burn, reducing harm to the environment as well as the user. Burning wood is a carbon neutral compared with gas patio heaters which emit significant volumes of carbon dioxide, contributing to climate change.


Clean Burn

Get more from your garden, all year round


Clean Burn is an eco-friendly outdoor wood burning stove. Using the same advanced technology as our collection of indoor wood burning stoves, this outdoor heater emits a substantial amount of glowing heat, producing next to no smoke and runs on very little fuel. Clean Burn is at the forefront of innovation for outdoor heating and will significantly.

Increase the amount of time you spend in the fresh air, extending the enjoyment of your garden, terrace or balcony throughout the year. For those who already own a barbecue and love spending time outside but feel their plans are often dictated by the weather, this is the solution.

Width: 592mm  |  Height: 995mm  |  Depth: 433mm

Weight: 107KG

Heat & Grill

cook, eat and relax outside, whenever you want


The Heat & Grill is a high performance dual-function heater barbecue which has been made for those who love nothing more than firing up the barbecue for a spontaneous outdoor feast or simply looking for ways to use their precious outdoor space more often.

The grill size is ideal for rustling up some sausages and burgers for a party of 6-8 using fine grade charcoal or popping a pizza stone on the grill, closing the lid and achieving perfectly cooked crisp pizza in minutes, over kiln dried logs. The elegant design will suit any exterior style and encourage you to get outside more, even if it is just to have a cup of coffee with the newspaper, on a sunny but cooler day.

Width: 592mm  |  Height: 996mm  |  Depth: 433mm

Width with Shelves: 1210mm

Depth with Flue: +310mm

Grill Size: 500mm x 320mm

Weight: 116KG

Terrace Gourmet

Taking outdoor entertaining to a whole new level


The Terrace Gourmet is beautifully engineered with a smooth control system and attractive curved design guaranteed to enhance your garden or terrace. The large circular grill is big enough to cook for 8-10 people with any of six cooking methods: grilling, roasting, baking, smoking, wok cooking and wood fired pizza. The cylindrical Terrace Gourmet is designed to sit comfortably alongside your other garden products, fitting comfortably into a corner of your patio or garden enabling you to get the best use of your outdoor space.

If you are into serious cooking, love entertaining and value beautiful design, the Terrace Gourmet is the choice for you.

Width: 1161mm  |  Height: 1021mm  |  Depth: 529mm

Grill Size: 456mm Diameter

Weight: 132KG

Garden Gourmet

Entertain more people, more often


Sleek in design, highly durable and powerful in heat, the Garden Gourmet offers luxurious outdoor cooking on a bigger scale, for those natural born entertainers. Large enough to cook for 10-12 people, it can be used to slow cook a huge 4-rib roast on a low temperature which will stay tender due to the fully sealed lid, or brought up to temperature to bake a batch of perfectly fudgy brownies.

The generous sized chamber provides sufficient heat for pre-drinks and enables the alfresco party to continue long into the evening. With mesmerising views of the flickering flames, and a comforting glow as the daylight starts to fade, the Garden Gourmet is incredibly efficient and requires minimum fuel for maximum impact.

Width: 670mm  |  Height: 994mm  |  Depth: 480mm

Width with Shelves: 1478mm

Depth with Flue: +220mm

Grill Size: 522mm x 320mm

Weight: 192KG

Garden Party

Party like its summer, 12 months a year

The Garden Party provides a gourmet experience of the highest quality for larger groups of your friends and family. This heater barbecue will suit those with extensive outdoor space who entertain on a large scale regularly and would relish being able to take the whole party outside, any time of year.

When it comes to cooking, the large grill size will easily cater for 12-15 people. There are six cooking methods to discover; so be it an impressive dish of smoked duck, slow roast lamb or even wok-fried prawn stir-fry, the Garden Party will make you the ‘outdoor host with the most’, throughout the year.

Width: 786mm  |  Height: 994mm  |  Depth: 544mm

Width with Shelves: 1594mm

Depth with Flue: +220mm

Grill Size: 638mm x 384mm

Weight: 232KG

New Experience

Cooking on charcoal and wood is widely recognised in the culinary world as a highly effective way to impart flavour into food, with growing numbers of chefs across the world choosing to cook on open flames.

All four heater barbecues can be lit and brought up to  temperatures of around 300˚C in just 20 minutes and achieve top temperatures of 600˚C. The fully insulated, thermal rotation lid means that with the lid closed, the barbecue will work as an outdoor oven sealing in the heat and keeping the food succulent and tender.


Chesneys wanted to create an appliance which worked as a fantastic barbecue as well as an environmentally-friendly and easily controlled outdoor heater. It was the addition of a steel baffle plate that enabled them to achieve both objectives without compromising on heat production in either the heating or cooking mode.

The baffle moves from the upright position to sit in front of the glass, re-directing the heat upwards towards the grill and very importantly also acts as a shield to protect your body from the high temperatures inside.

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