‘A House without a Fireplace is a house without a heart.’ Gladys Taber

For generations the Fireplace has been the main focal point in the main room of the home.  It still is to this day, in what ever form that takes.

A Fireplace surround can and should be a thing of beauty, they are offered in many styles from Period reproductions to modern twists on classic shapes and styles.

We offer you Fireplaces in many materials, Natural Stone Fireplace and Marble Surrounds. Beautiful Wood Surrounds too, all of which are crafted to beautifully frame your fire or stove.

It’s not likely we can’t pair you with a Fireplace Surround in line with your design wants, however if we can’t quite match you with a Fireplace Surround and you have a design of your own then we can also help you to bring that to fruition. We work with more than one specialist manufacturer that can create bespoke commissions to your own design.

In Compliment to the Fireplace we also offer Hearth’s and slips sets that assist in framing out fireplace openings.

Has the Fireplace been removed from your lounge? Even worse, has it been replaced by something that was highly En-Vogue for a short period of time but looks just a bit pants today?  Is it time to reestablish the grandeur to your Parlour? We’d be delighted to help you. We are Fireplace Experts and will be pleased to assist you with your project, from initial enquiry and design through to delivery and installation we offer you the full service.

The company is also involved in some surprising partnerships, for example with Under-Cover, making optimal and original use of craftsmanship and expertise. TULP embraces innovation and has but one goal: to ensure that your fire is a central and invaluable part of your home.

This is TULP’s story – one that is reflected in the company’s unique products, each of which tells its own individual tale. Innovative materials, unexpected points of view. Beautiful memories of a warm evening…

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