Electric Fires

There are several advantages to choosing an Electric Fire, they are, relative to other types of fire, fairly inexpensive to install and fairly low cost to run too. The installation of most electric fires, even some of the more complex ones can be taken care of in a singe day.


Electric Fires have a high efficiency rating, with zero emissions and there is very little by way of servicing required either.

Another consideration is you can put an Electric Fire anywhere you can get power, so there’s no need or a chimney or gas supply

However, the single biggest appeal from today’s modern Electric fires is they canbe used with or without heat, giving you year round enjoyment of the fire.

If you’ve not seen an Electric Fire for some years, you’ll be pleasantly surprised,we are often asked if the showroom models are Gas fires such is there

They were often seen as a poor alternative to ‘the real thing’ but now we offer Designer Electric Fires in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your scheme.

The company is also involved in some surprising partnerships, for example with Under-Cover, making optimal and original use of craftsmanship and expertise. TULP embraces innovation and has but one goal: to ensure that your fire is a central and invaluable part of your home.

This is TULP’s story – one that is reflected in the company’s unique products, each of which tells its own individual tale. Innovative materials, unexpected points of view. Beautiful memories of a warm evening…

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